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Dec 8, 2017

In this episode, Dawn Carpenter, along with Marti Tirinnanzi and Bill Ulivieri, explore the idea about how cryptocurrency and Blockchain are revolutionizing the world of finance, opening the possibility for anyone, anywhere to have the possibility of transferring money, buying and selling only needing a cell phone and internet service. Listen to this episode and learn about this universal form of money which is expanding around the globe, creating opportunities where there weren’t any, from social enterprises to traditional philanthropy; the future of money transfer is here.


Key takeaways:

[1:33] Marti Tirinnanzi career briefing.

[2:02] What is Bitcoin?

[2:53] How can regular people get access to Bitcoin?

[4:07] What is Blockchain?

[6:01] What are miners?

[6:28] How Bitcoin got started.

[7:29] What are the challenges Bitcoin is facing?

[9:07] How do you see the projection of Bitcoin and Blockchain?

[11:01] Bill Ulivieri career briefing.

[11:30] How Bitcoin and blockchain are disruptors of the financial ecosystem.

[13:03] How do you use Bitcoin?

[14:28] How Bitcoin can change the world of donations and philanthropy.

[17:07] How do you get your Bitcoin money out of your phone?

[17:44] What are the barriers to implementation of Bitcoin?

[18:30] Where is Bitcoin being used?

[19:54] Where do you see Bitcoin in the future?


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