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Dec 8, 2017

In this episode Dawn Carpenter talks about the idea of an anti-sweatshop, the experience of an inspiring apparel factory in the Dominican Republic that shows the world that is possible and actually good business practice for an apparel factory in the developing world to pay, not only a living wage, but a dignity wage in a work environment that is honorable. John Kline, co-author with Sarah Adler Milstein of Sewing Hope and a leading authority on international business ethics and Adriana Vaez, manager of the Alta Gracia apparel factory, share the amazing opportunity that is given to this Dominican Republic community while creating a profitable business. Listen to this episode and be inspired to become a mindful consumer.


Key takeaways:

[1:35] John Kline career briefing.

[2:20] What is a sweatshop?

[3.05] Where do we find sweatshops?

[4:05] How does supply chain responsibility work?

[5:23] What is oligopsony?

[6:47] Story about a factory in Alta Gracia, Dominican Republic.

[10:05] How has Alta Gracia been successful?

[10:54] How does the company market itself?

[15:25] Adriana Vaez career briefing.

[16:46] A little more about Alta Gracia employees.

[17:55] How is working in Alta Gracia compared to working in other apparel factories?

[18:57] Impact that the factory has on the local community.

[20:25] Where can these products be found?


Mentioned in this episode:

The Book: Sewing Hope: How one Factory Challenges the Apparel Industry┬┤s Sweatshops, By John  M. Kline and Sarah Adler-Milstein.  

Alta Gracia Apparel

Alta Gracia products on Amazon.

Alta Gracia at Barnes and Noble

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